About us

Studio Delta is best described as a team of motivated and well-educated professionals, with specific knowledge in Naval architecture, structural design and engineering.
That is why we are exceptionally well equipped to realise the technical side of yacht design, from concept studies to bringing concept designs developed to the builders.
We are driven and we work accurately and inquisitively. A working attitude that is necessary to ensure high-quality services. Menno van Dijk, director and naval architect, has enthusiastically led Studio Delta for more than 20 years.

Together, we work with an eye to the future. This also includes taking social responsibility. We do this in several ways. For example, we collaborate with non-profit organizations that invest in the assurance and development of knowledge of yacht building. And we make internships available for students of Naval Architecture all year round.

Linked to the passion for our work, we share the passion for the water, the sea and the oceans. And in our free time we can be found regularly on or under water. We are therefore proud to sponsor the Blue Marine Foundation, a foundation that works to preserve and restore the oceans.

We also committed ourselves by signing the Code of Conduct of the Water Revolution Foundation. The Water Revolution Foundation works to neutralizing the footprint of our industry, preserve the world's oceans, and ensuring we have a sustainable business for the future.

“We are hugely proud of our partnership with Studio Delta. They were one of the first yacht designers to acknowledge their responsibility not just towards what floats on top of the water but also what is happening underneath. Studio Delta are leading by example and we hope in time to unite all designers from the industry in a shared goal, to protect our oceans for future generations”.

Sara-Jane Skinner - Head of Partnerships, Blue Marine Foundation  

Supporter of the Blue Marine Foundation