About us

Our team at Studio Delta is enthusiastic and motivated to deliver high quality services in the technical design of yachts.
This dedicated team of naval architects and engineers under the management of Menno van Dijk, is well qualified for the job.

Based in the harbour of Scheveningen, the Netherlands, traditionally a fishermen town. We have our offices in an inspiring environment by overlooking the activities in the harbour as well as the North Sea.

The way we deliver our services to the market combines
customer focus, flexibility, technical knowledge and personal commitment
into a product that facilitates the client’s projects.
We at Studio Delta do so by using well-tried techniques
in a responsible and creative way. By using modern
design tools, we create high value and cost effective products.

Studio Delta has an eye to the future. With that we also
wish to operate in a social responsible way. We work to
achieve this by cooperation with non-profit organisations, charities and educational institutions that are committed to yachting orientated projects in a broad sense.

We offer year round availability for internship places for students in Naval Architecture projects. Also we are an active supporter of Blue Marine Foundation.

“We are hugely proud of our partnership with Studio Delta. They were one of the first yacht designers to acknowledge their responsibility not just towards what floats on top of the water but also what is happening underneath. Studio Delta are leading by example and we hope in time to unite all designers from the industry in a shared goal, to protect our oceans for future generations”.

Sara-Jane Skinner - Head of Partnerships, Blue Marine Foundation